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Ideally worn around the neck or for carrying on you (purse, pocket or keyring). The effective benefits of this prendant is 3.5 to 5 meter radius.


Shungite is a rare black stone made of up to 99 percent carbon and can only be found in Karelia, Russia. Scientists attribute the stone’s potential benefits to its ‘fullerene’ content. The composition of the fullerenes unique carbon nanostructure gives shungite the ability to mitigate the harmful effects of EMF’s radiation from computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, 5G and other electronic devices. Studies reveal shungite is a master antioxidant with the ability to reduce free radical damage and inflammation within the body.


Pendants can be placed directly on the head to reduce symptoms of headaches or areas of the body to reduce pain and inflammation. The pendant or pyramids do not need to be cleared or cleansed.


  • Elite Shungite 
  • Platinum Ultra Clear epoxy resin with either (Aqua, Black and Chameleon fire) pigment


Note: The pendants are made with two individual halfs bonded together, when both halves are made, one side will be mostly exposed stone. The pendants are available in two styles:


Option 1:  less exposed shungite. 

Option 2: Mostly exposed shungite.


Please be sure to select option 2 if you wish to have more exposed stone (Each pendant contains 10-11 grams of elite shungite).


Diameter: 48 -50mm

Thickness: 13-15mm

Large Elite Shungite Orgonite Pendants (Black, Aqua, Chameleon)

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