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  • Clear platinum resin
  • Brass, copper and aluminium hand cut and curled.
  • 3 x Large clear quartz generators
  • Quartz chips (amethyst, watermelon tourmaline, citrine, rainbow fluorite, clear quartz) Tublers: (amethyst, clear quartz, bronzite, adventurine, onyx).
  • 3 x Mobius coil
  • 4 Copper tubes (25 mm diameter)
  • 1 x vortex tensor coil 
  • 5 x LED lights (4 x Pink, 1 x RBG slow changing)
  • Generator comes with 15Hz preset frequency 
  • 12V power supply included


Total height: 60 cm

Base width top: 21.5 cm

Base width bottom: 17.5 cm

Base height:19.5 cm

Weight: 12 Kilos

Orgone Generator 5g Protection

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